System Integration

J3AG, s.r.o. provides consulting and implementation services in the field of system integration of IS / IT environments in small and large organizations.

In accordance with your development concepts and existing ICT architecture we design the optimal solutions for the integration of your existing applications and information systems, including the determination of the subsequent implementation considering all technical, process and operational principles.

We offer the data integration services with regards to your current real needs with the consideration of your future development based on the standard integration components from Web services to ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) plaftorms in accordance with the principles of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) architecture.

As one of the roles of the „system integrator“ we also understand the complex „turnkey“ delivery including the supply of hardware, software, development or configuration and modification of the tailored software, coordination of other relevant suppliers and provision of expert advisory and consultancy services and training.

Project Management

Thoughtful and consistent use of the project management principles becomes a competitive advantage for the companies from all sectors, as it allows to perform the business processes with higher quality and complying with the expected time and cost parameters and minimizing the associated risks.

In terms of our services, we focus on the entire project life cycle, from the planning and design through the implementation and monitoring to the final closure. We provide consulting services in the creation and implementation of the project management methodology in an organization, project management office services and project management training. In such case, we either directly manage the projects of our clients and we monitor the quality of their realization, we assess the risks and propose necessary adjustments if the project does not move forward according to the customer’s ideas and needs or we step in to perform rapid assessment and recovery of troubled projects.

We are able to temporarily supplement the client project management team, if it has not enough of its own capacities, or only people with low skills, experience and knowledge for the successful implementation of the project.

We have experienced project managers with internationally recognized PMP (Project Management Professional) and Prince 2 certifications.

IS Architecture and Implementation

Our consultants have proven experience related to application architecture design and implementation process of new information systems, so that the complex needs of their users are met at the maximum level.

The outcome of our work is a comprehensive model of the future information system, which it describes many of its aspects, such as:

  • Architecture design
  • Design of data structures
  • Detailed description of the use cases
  • Design of user screens
  • Description of the integration interface
  • Design of data repositories

Our senior architects are holders of the internationally recognized certifications such as TOGAF 9, ITIL v3 and OMG Certified UML Professional.

Cyber Security

Addressing the overall security of information is not easy nor short-term activity. The effective process for achieving the required safety targets consists of a number of interrelated steps and requires the cooperation of experienced experts, the use of appropriate ICT tools and of course the deployment of high-quality security technologies.

Our security experts will help you to quickly assess the current level of information security in your organization, to identify risks and to propose the target concept of the solution so that it respects the existing system management, corporate culture and meet legislative requirements and the real possibilities of the organization.

Thanks to the expertise of our people, we are able to offer you for example the following services:

  • Analysis of the state of personal data and sensitive information protection.
  • Implementation of Safety Management System including preparation for certification.
  • Review of existing security policy.
  • An audit of information security.
  • Firewall Implementation – DMZ, VPN, IPS/IDS, Application control, HTTP/FTP antivirus, Web filtering, Antibot, SSL inspection, Politiky AD/Radius, DLP
  • Implementation of the solution against malicious code (0day malware) using sandboxing technology
  • LAN/WAN networking – Switch/router policy, VLANy, 802.1X, Guest policy, WIFI, NAC/NAP, WAN/MPLS security, Cloud security, NetFlow monitoring/analyzes
  • Secure e-mail communication – Antispam, Antivirus, URL filtering, DMARC autentization, Greylisting, RBL, PGP/SMIME, Outgoing antispam, DLP

Identity Management

Identity & Access Management is one of the basic approaches to managing information security in organizations. Our experts have many years of experience with the customers in the public and private sector where they implemented these technologies. We provide analysis and initial consultations, we prepare solutions and implement them with all necessary integration as well.

If you plan to implement or update identity management solutions in your organization, our experienced consultants will work with you to:

  • Analyze your requirements and relevant applications,
  • Suggest the optimum solution for you,
  • Prepare the necessary integration,
  • Implement the solution,
  • Help with an agreement on revising processes in the organization,
  • Help with the adjustment of the information infrastructure of the organization,
  • Train the users and administrators,
  • Provide operational support.

Process Management

Our experienced process analysts and architects can provide you with the design, management and implementation support of process changes to achieve savings, increased productivity and usually the better quality while minimizing the associated risks. Due to the wide experience in the IT field we are taking into account the condition of your information systems as well and we simultaneously recommend implementing necessary changes to increase the overall efficiency of your organization. Existing and proposed process changes are always thoroughly and clearly documented for future use.

Our consultants have direct experience of the business processes of organizations in different sectors, and so we respect the different requirements and uniqueness of your organization.

Software Development

J3AG, s.r.o. provides comprehensive custom software development services – from analysis of processes of your organization and specification of the functional requirements through the optimal design of the solution architecture to its implementation, testing, deployment and normal operation and maintenance services and support, of course, with the possibility of subsequent extension and enhancement of the system functionalities.
We select the technology with regard to the actual needs of the customer, we are not dependent on one manufacturer or supplier of the technology. To protect your investments in our solutions, we use only modern and promising technology to provide maximum compatibility with recognized standards and „best practices“ of the industry. We have years of experience from both large complex projects, and the projects realized for smaller organizations.

With our team of well-trained and certified (Microsoft technologies) experts, we guarantee professionalism and high quality of supplied services corresponding to your ideas.

Of course, we offer you the development of mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms to meet your customers’ needs.

SAP Services

We provide implementation services of selected SAP modules starting from the analysis of initial customer requirements and processes, then creating a target concept, configuring system settings using SAP standards, optimizing the base, roles and permissions, custom functionality development, testing, user training and follow-up services (support and further development).

Business Intelligence

The term Business Intelligence (BI) means the use of modern tools for efficient processing of data from different data sources (internal and external), to share the relevant information, and to provide the support for analysis, planning and decision-making processes at all levels of the organization.

We are not dependent on one manufacturer, the best technology and tools are chosen according to the specific needs and requirements of each client both from commercial producers and open source solutions as well. We design the overall architecture of the solution and provide the implementation of the selected solution.

The successful deployment of BI tools for an advanced data analysis and reporting enables organizations of all types with:

  • The processing of quality and relevant information from large volumes of data.
  • The clear and easy preparation of analyzes, including graphical outputs as a basis for decision-making processes.
  • The support for the management of key business processes.
  • The analysis of trends, the interrelationship and prediction of possible future trends.
  • The standard reporting with on-line availability of data and possibility of an effective information sharing.
  • The ability of personification of graphical outputs and reports to meet individual requirements.